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When it comes to maintaining safety and risk at facilities, no two are exactly alike. Our three tiers of service ensure all of your needs are met from simple jurisdictional inspections to comprehensive safety audits.



Compliance is an ongoing need for every business and property owner. Trying to manage those inspections and deadlines, from local codes to State and Federal regulations, can be a tedious and confusing process. Insparisk offers a wide range of inspection services on equipment and systems such as boilers and elevators to ensure deadlines are met in a timely manner. Let us assist by identifying, educating and performing all compliance requirements placed upon your business or property.


Boilers/Pressure Vessels

Our NBBI accredited inspectors perform a thorough inspection of all criteria required by the local jurisdiction for your vessels, including DOT.  These results are quality-checked by a Senior Inspector before being filed with the jurisdiction.

Elevators/Vertical Lift Devices

Our QEI certified inspectors act as a third-party witness to ensure your elevator testing company is performing inspections within all prescribed guidelines.  Semi-annual, annual and periodic full-load tests are all served.  Inspection results are quality-checked by a Senior Inspector before being filed with the jurisdiction.

Backflow Preventer Testing

Commercial businesses that use chemicals or detergents in their operation may be required to use a backflow preventer to ensure the public water supply is not compromised.  They must also have it tested periodically.  Our qualified technician will advise you of the findings and then complete and file the testing report with the appropriate governing body.

Fire Extinguishers

All fire extinguishers in a commercial or large multi-family residence must be inspected periodically.  Our accredited professionals will inspect and tag the extinguishers per your local Fire Code requirements and advise if any units should be recharged or replaced.

Energy Benchmarking

Several jurisdictions now require large commercial and residential spaces benchmark their energy usage.  This process examines the building layout and utility usage to “benchmark” the building against similar buildings. A score is then generated to let the owner know how efficiently (or inefficiently) the building is running.  Our experts will gather all of the necessary building and utility data and then file the findings with the appropriate governing body.

Façade Inspections

A handful of jurisdictions now require that buildings over a certain height be inspected periodically to ensure there is no danger of falling bricks or debris on pedestrians below.  Our licensed engineers will conduct a full review of the structure’s exterior to determine what, if any, hazards are present.  Results will be documented in the appropriate reports and then filed with the jurisdiction.  If items must be repaired, our engineers can also act as your “advocate” and be retained to ensure contractors are only doing necessary, quality work.



At its core, a building is nothing more than four walls. Those four walls only become a building when comfort systems are added to provide usefulness to its occupants. Those systems run the gamut from equipment like elevators and HVAC to safety components such as egress and fire code standards. Insparisk will help ensure you are operating with the highest levels of equipment standards, safety processes and safety protocols.


Equipment Safety

Maintaining a high level of safety at your building or facility is the greatest way to decrease exposure to liability and frivolous lawsuits.  Savvy owners and facility managers enjoy peace of mind knowing this added layer of protection to advise them of any problems and correct them in order to keep their property and its inhabitants safe.  Our safety inspections are available for all of the equipment listed above in “Compliance” and include all of the inspection criteria without having to file the results with the jurisdiction.

Restaurant Safety

Restaurants owners/managers can also benefit from our specialized safety inspections.  Made to mimic the typical health inspector visit, our professional will thoroughly examine all the required health and safety criteria in your facility and offer report findings as well as remedies for deficiencies.  Educational classes for employees and HAACP Plan development round out this comprehensive service offering.



All property and assets come with a tremendous amount of inherent risk. Insparisk provides programs specifically designed to help you identify and understand the potential risk associated with all aspects of your facility and equipment.  They also offer insight on your property, whether considering a sale, remodel or simply to details assets.  Risk assessment services can also be fully customized to meet your requirements, no matter the assets or what the facility might hold.


Building Inspection Reports

This service documents all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in a facility.  Rich reports complete with drawings and photographs offer a remarkable look at

Equipment Inventory & Condition Assessment

This service looks to catalog every piece of equipment in a facility with detailed notes such as serial number and condition.  Reports can also be generated across multiple locations such as the case for franchised businesses looking to inventory their equipment along wider geographies.


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